Robin Hood (2018)

Robin Hood out in 2018? UK release date, trailer, cast and plot for the Taron Egerton movie

But, what’s the film about, who else is in it, and what’s the UK release date? Let’s get the lowdown…

Robin Hood will be released in the UK on November 21, 2018.

It’ll also be released in Hong Kong and America on November 21.

If you’re in Turkey, you’ll get to see it sooner than everyone else – it’s out there on September 1, 2018.

However, if you’re in Germany, you’ll have to wait longer than everyone else – you won’t get to see it there until January 10, 2019.

Who’s in the cast?

Robin Hood has an impressive cast that includes Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx.

Even Bono’s daughter, Eve, is in the film!

Here’s who plays who in the eagerly-awaited epic:
Taron Egerton

Taron takes on the lead role of Robin Hood.

The Welsh actor was born on November 10, 1989 – that makes him 28.

He’s best known for his roles in TV series The Smoke and 2014 action comedy film Kingsman: The Secret Service.Eve Hewson

Eve – whose dad is U2 superstar Bono – takes on the role of Maid Marian, who is Robin Hood’s love interest and also the wife of Will Scarlet.

The Irish actress, real name Memphis Eve Sunny Day Hewson, was born on July 7, 1991 – that makes her 26.

She’s best known for her roles in the film Bridge of Spies and Papillon, as well as TV series The Knick.

Jamie Dornan

Jamie takes on the role of Will Scarlet, Robin’s half brother, Maid Marian’s husband a proud member of the Merry Men.

The Northern Irish movie hunk was born on May 1, 1982 – that makes him 36.

He’s best known for playing Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movies, as well as his work in Sofia Coppola’s 2006 movie Marie Antoinette, where he played Axel von Fersen.
Jamie Dornan plays Will Scarlet

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